All Titles 95 Min. DVD Yen 4800- -> Yen 4300-
DZA Series Concept
Bukkake,Driking...It's already basic of blue films. We have tried to start shooting Bukkake films again. This series' focus is of course not only Bukkake but also various acts, kiss, fellatio, masturbation, fuck & cum inside. Also enjoy pretty costume.
All Titles 60 Min. VHS Yen 5800- -> Yen 5200-
SDS Series Concept
A compilation of the DC series ( big tit paradise ) Showing the hot titted beauties! Huge tits for a full 60 minutes. Made for the big tit fetish! Do you really love those huge melons? Come on and eat them! eat them all up!
All Titles 60 Min. DVD Yen 5524- -> Yen 5200-
DDS Series Concept
The DVD collection of the DC series. Only contains mega tits ! Hot booby's for a full 60 minutes. Do you have a big tittie fetish ? Do you want to lick or squeeze huge melons ? This is full of huge yummy bazoomas !
All Titles 45-60 Min. VHS Yen 5800- -> Yen 3900-
DC Series Concept
She has absolutely enormous breasts. Who loves big Melons ! The director said it was difficult to find real cuties with nice huge tits. But he managed it. Bigger is better !!